Laid-Back Camp: 5 Reasons To Watch Season 2

The first season of Laid-Back Camp was a breath of fresh air, and it is rare for any anime series to be this cool without any big plot reveal or action sequences. If you don’t know what Laid-Back Camp is or what’s the story, don’t worry about it. The plot is so simple that even a five-year-old will pick up the series from the 5th episode without losing any fun.

The first season ended in 2018, and after three years, C-Station is making a comeback with cute camping girls to give some warmth to our hearts in the winter season. Here are five reasons you should watch the Laid-Back Camp season 2.

The kawaii overdose

Kawaii is a Japanese word for cute, and the first season was the embodiment of the popular pop culture genre ‘cute girls doing cute things.’ In the first season, members of the Outdoor Activities Club struggle to meet their club goals as they are not skilled enough for camping in outdoor locations. Things change when the deuteragonist Nadeshiko Kagamihara joins the club as the third member, and they embark on a journey to set up tents outside their classroom. Things get cuter and cuter with every episode and the introduction of the protagonist Rin makes the show super-duper cute with her solo expedition of campgrounds. With the second season, just paint this picture in your mind that the series will be cuter and more adorable than ever before.

The true meaning of laid-back

The girls are ready for the next camping trip, and so far the fans. If you are working from home or not working at all, then laying back on your comfortable couch and watching some cute anime girls enjoying their food and looking at the stars in an empty field could be your muse. The second season will be relaxing, and it will offer a more relaxed phase with new developing friendships between the trio and the loner camper Rin. Additionally, Rin’s camping knowledge will help the young campers in their journey to learn camping like never before. Just hearing about Rin opening her heart to the Outdoor Activities Club members gives warmth to the soul in this blistering cold.

Learn to camp along the way

Anime and manga mediums are known for their teachings and takeaways that sincerely help their readers/viewers to understand the world around them. Similarly, Laid-Back Camp teaches you how to set up camps and how to find the perfect spot for camping. It also teaches you the essentials of camping like cooking food, selecting tents, storage, using utensils, setting up camps, and traveling. Rin is the most versatile character in the show, and she is skilled enough to travel long routes alone, and along with the other club members, ‘you’ as a viewer, can learn a thing or two about camping and live independently in the wilderness.

Get close to nature

Technically, going outside of the houses is a big no-no, and considering the global pandemic and its aftermath, it’s better to leave mother nature alone for some time. Anime fans wishing for a trip to the wild can rest assured that Laid-Back Camp got you covered. You can not only watch your favorite anime girls cooking food in the wild, but you can also uncover some new locations in Japan. Yes, many of the series locations are real, and you can visit these camping sites in real life. So the next time you plan a trip to Japan, watch Laid-Back Camp and venture on a journey of a lifetime.

Your guide for camping

If you’ve not noticed by now, Laid-Back Camp is your guide for camping. In the series, the characters are not doing something special. From picking out different tent models to selecting an itinerary, the knowledge is real, and you can pick out the main points from the show and start your camping journey. What makes the anime a bit realistic is the research about camping, which is practical to use and works in real life. The second season will cover more about camping, and how traveling helps in rejuvenating your mind, body, and spirit. So basically you are getting two things in a single package. First is the cuteness, and the second is the camping lessons.


There are a lot of things you can learn and enjoy while watching the second season of Laid-Back Camp. Even though camping is the main theme of the show, viewers can learn about compassion, love, friendship, and nature. Before jumping to the second season, make sure to watch the first as it only has 13 episodes and one OVA.

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