JBL SA750 AirPlay 2 Review: Modern Audio System with Vintage Style

Many would say, why now? Why not before? It happened just a few days back. New years are like pomp and show that everyone wants to celebrate with great fun. There will be good food with good music. And, if music makes its way with the sound amplifiers, any party can hit the floor with dancing beats. No party can reach its apex if there are no JBL sound systems. JBL has come up with their SA750 AirPlay 2 amplifiers. It was Harman that introduced this amplifier from JBL in the Harman Explore named virtual event. JBL will launch this amplifier on its 75th anniversary since its inception and establishment. Let’s know about this sound amplifier and get a JBL SA750 AirPlay 2 Amplifier review.

Physical Persona

As if JBL tried to look to the amplifier as an instrument present 75 years ago. There is a vintage style that is embedding a retrospective outlook. There is a wooden block (extracted from classic teak wood) sideways. There’s a glossy white metallic color as a touch given in the front. This front panel and the outer chamber is aluminum built. The switches and buttons are inspiring with a touch of old-school. The controls available on the front panel are:

  • Balance and input dials
  • Power
  • Volume
  • Mute
  • Direct
  • Dirac Live room calibration

The face panel also has an aux input and a headphone output, each being 3.5mm. It also has a display LCD screen that is having orange light for a more precise display.

The Amplifier

At the core of the entire setup sits the class G amplifier. Hence, this amplifier ensures better performance for the JBL SA750 AirPlay 2 amplifier and sound system. The class G amplifier present in the new JBL amplifier operates at 120W of power for an 8Ω channel and 220W for a 4Ω channel. Hence, the sound quality increases more than the power amplifiers of the AB class and others. Class G amplifiers also ensure that they run even in low-level signals by inducing additional power supply in case of large transitions and dynamic waveforms. Therefore, there is a significantly less chance of crossover distortion, thus, reducing noise penetration.

Price & Release Date

If there is a product and attached with JBL, the price will take its measures to be in a bit higher expensive stage. The same is the case with the JBL SA750 AirPlay2 amplifier. As per the speculations and estimation, many say that this amplifier from JBL will get sold at $ 3000. Quite a big one to lose the pocket in one shot. Harman has announced that this amplifier from JBL will be available in the market from April 2021. Many e-commerce platforms may come forward for their online sale.


There is no doubt that what JBL will offer will give one of the best memorable audio experiences for the users. Also, the classic vintage looks integrated with JBL SA750 AirPlay 2, along with modern electronic and audio setup, have the capability to blow many minds with its charm. Be it their 75 years in this domain, JBL is not going to disappoint its fans, followers, and users. And this new amplifier is a classic example of it. So, start counting dates and mark the release month in the calendar, save 3000 USD from getting the next-best audio device in the home for fun and entertainment. Because JBL is like “Just Batter Loud.”

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